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About us

Santa Claus of Arctic Lapland Ltd.,  and are official registered names of a Finnish

company that helps Santa Claus to send Christmas Letters all over the world. The domicile of our company is Savukoski's municipality in Lapland. In Savukoski you can find Korvatunturi, which translates to ”Ear Fell” and it is Santa Claus' dwelling place. Our head office is in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Our company has been registered to the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland, P.O. Box 1140 Arkadiankatu 6 A 00101 Helsinki Finland, reg. number 2220738-7.


Contact information:

Postal address: Santa Claus of Arctic Lapland Ltd.

Head Office: Katajaharjuntie 13 B , 00200 Helsinki, Finland



Privacy Policy

We handle all your personal information carefully and sensibly and absolutely do not share, sell, or trade your personal information in any way.

PRIVACY POLICY (European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679)


Registry controller: Santa Claus of Arctic Lapland Ltd. Oy

Hometown: Savukoski, Finland

Registry contact information:info(at)


We collect personal data for the purposes of customer relationship management. The legal basis for the handling of personal data is an agreement between the customer and the company and legal obligations caused by it. Providing one's personal data is a prerequisite for creating an agreement and ordering from the web store. We also gather personal data for marketing purposes. Consent is used as the legal basis for the handling of personal data.


Data contained in the registry

The customer registry contains the following data:

-Customer's first and last names

-Email address

-Postal address

-Phone number

-Data on processed orders


We do not perform profiling that affects our customers.


The customer's personal data can be viewed by:

-Our company and its workers.

-Payment service that receives customer's payment.

-Delivery company that delivers order to customer.

-IT companies that maintain our websites (including outside the EU, if it is necessary for technical reasons).


We preserve our customers' personal data:

-Within the customer registry for three years following delivery of service.

-Data related to payment will be preserved for up to six years.


The customer has the right to:

-Examine personal data related to them.

-Correct information.

-Restrict handling (eg. Forbidding the use of data for marketing purposes).

-Oppose handling.

-Cancel consent (eg. Canceling consent for marketing use).


Please note that the customer has the ”right to be forgotten” only if we do not have legal obligations to continue handling the customer's personal data.

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