Frequently Asked

Questions   (FAQ)



1. What does the letter entail?

A ready letter  will tell fun stories about happenings at Santa’s house, located in Korvatunturi (Ear Fell) in Finnish Lapland. It will also thank the person getting the letter for being so nice and encourage being nice in the future as well as wish him/her Merry Christmas and all the best for the whole family.  The letter tells a different story every year. 

2. What  will I receive?

  • You will receive: 

  1. A printable Letter from Santa (A 4 PDF format) with a ready text and signed by Santa

  2. A printable Lapland special envelope ( in two parts, 2* A4 PDF, which can be cut and glued together and also as one A 4 PDF)

  3. A printable Good Behaviour Certificate (A4 PDF format)

  4. Instructions

  • Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed.(you can download three times during 30 days).

  • Download and print everything  and write Child's name on the Letter and on the Certificate and name and address on  the envelope.  It's that easy.

  • You can print at home (if you have a color printer)  or choose to find a local printing service.

  • Colours may vary from our photos depending on the quality and settings of your printer.

  • Cut the envelope, fold, and glue the edges together.

  • Put Santa’s letter and  Good Behaviour Certificate into the envelope and put it in the recipient’s mailbox, etc.

  • There is no printed product sent to you via normal mail!

3. When will you send the letter?


There is no printed product sent to you via normal mail!


4. How can I pay?

All of the payments are handled safely and securely through Paypal. More information on Paypal