Frequently Asked

Questions   (KKK)



1. What does the letter entail?

A ready letter (product nr. 1 and 2) will tell fun stories about happenings at Santa’s house, located in Korvatunturi (Ear Fell) in Finnish Lapland. It will also thank the person getting the letter for being so nice and encourage being nice in the future as well as wish him/her Merry Christmas and all the best for the whole family.  The letter tells a different story every year. 


For the self-written letter you can send your own text, which will be printed on the letter as you choose product nr. 3 or 4.  When ordering, you will be asked to write in the text you wish to be in the letter.  This way you can make the letter extremely personal. Santa will write each letter by hand.

2. What does personalization done by hand mean?

Personalization done by hand makes the letters very personal, unique and beautiful. They’re specifically targeted at the recipient (as opposed to mass-produced products on sale online).

Different letters have different personalization (see product information for each product)


- The recipient's name and address are handwritten on an              envelope

- The recipient's first name and friend's / pet's name are handwritten in a letter

- Letter is signed by Santa Claus

- Diploma has the recipient's name and Santa Claus's signature      in hand writing.


3. When will you send the letter?

The first batch of letters will leave Finland on the 8th of November 2021 and after that we will send letters daily in 1st Class. We highly recommend you to order the letter as soon as possible, preferably already in October or November, because right before Christmas letters might take a while to reach you due to heavy traffic at the post office.


4. What do I do if the letter is not delivered?

We have a confirmation system, which makes it 100% certain that every single letter that is ordered and paid for will leave Finland. So if the letter is not delivered after some time, please let us know through our e-mail info(at) and send us the receipt number you got from Paypal via e-mail. We will check the situation and answer your e-mail normally within 24 hours. If the letter has gone missing, we will normally send you a new letter free of charge and we will also send you a picture of the letter and the envelope immediately via e-mail.


5. What do I have to take into consideration while ordering?

Always remember to write in the name of the person receiving the letter and their address. Fill in the recipient’s name and address correctly with regard to street numbers etc. If the address details are incomplete and the letter fails to reach its destination, a replacement letter will not be sent. Double check to make sure it has been written in correctly and in full.

Please note that if you order multiple letters addressed to different persons living under the same address, the different envelopes will be mailed within one larger envelope to ensure simultaneous delivery!


6. How can I pay?

All of the payments are handled safely and securely through Paypal. More information on Paypal